How to Decorate a Victorian Style Bedroom + Affordable Options!

If you've always wanted to sleep like royalty, then a Victorian style bedroom is perfect for you! The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of styling a Victorian bedroom, is lots of ornate patterns, layers upon layers of cozy fabrics, rich warm colors, and pure elegance.
Many different accessories can go into this style bedroom, since blank spaces were considered poor taste in the Victorian era. People used to fill their walls and every blank surface with trinkets and such to show off their unique personality.
I won't tell you how to decorate so intricately (or this blog would be super long!) so I created a short and simple checklist that'll help you amp up your bedroom decor.

A Queen Victoria Approved Checklist of Bedroom Essentials:

  • Silk or Satin
  • Ornate Furniture
  • Drapery and Layers of Fabric
  • Fur or Faux Fur
  • Art and Accessories
  • Lots of Rich Warm Colors


Silk or Satin
Tache 6 Piece Solid Crème Sweet Victorian Fancy Floral Comforter Set (MZ002C) - Tache Home Fashion
The easiest way to update your bedroom decor is just by bringing in a new comforter. The best type of comforter for this style is a silk or satin comforter with ruffled layers. Our Satin comforters have the same look and feel of silk. If you already have a beloved comforter, you may incorporate satin sheets or curtains (not available on our site) and are not hard to find online. Silk is also very good for your skin!
Ornate Furniture
Another item that is considered to be essential for a Victorian bedroom is the grand ornate furniture. If you already have some old hand me downs, make the most of it! Victorian furniture was usually made with the finest dark woods like mahogany, or dark walnut. Furniture like this can be found in any secondhand or antique store.
A popular style bed frame for this time was those that had four posts, one at each corner. Those can look gorgeous and very romantic with drapery wrapped around it. You can also add a very nice focal point in your room with a tufted headboard.
Faux Fur
 Tache Golden Brown Faux Fur Sherpa Throw Blanket (DY01) - Tache Home Fashion
To add to those layers of fabric on your bed, a gorgeous addition would be a nice faux fur throw blanket. If you’ve browsed our site you’d see that we have tons of them in multiple styles and colors. Of course real fur can get expensive but faux fur is usually very affordable.
Art Accessories
 Tache 27 x 20 Inch Captured Wildflowers Floral Tapestry Wall Hanging With Hanging Loops (TAWH-DC14110) - Tache Home Fashion
If you already have most of these items, but are still looking for your finishing touches, a great addition would be artwork! Our wall hangings are all inspired from oil paintings and have a classic rococo style to them. You can also find old paintings from secondhand stores.
Bed Accessories
You can also add more decorative pillows to your bedding to give it a cozier feeling and add different textures and patterns. Most of our comforters come with 2 pillow shams, 2 cushion covers, and a neck roll with the pillow. (See picture) This adds lots of needed dimension to your bed.
Rich Warm Colors
 Tache 2-3 Piece Matelasse Floral Austere Light Grey Blue Moon Bedspread Set (TB300-199) - Tache Home Fashion
And of course, a nice color palette is usually the basis of any design plan. If you’d like a traditional Victorian style, think of colors like dark mahogany, gold, burgundy, navy blue, forest green etc. You can also have a modern-Victorian style room with light airy colors, or any color you prefer! The bedspread pictured above is a great example of a modern-Victorian style. It is modern for the simplicity of the room, and the ornate damask patterns come from the Victorian era.
To see lots of more pictures of different Victorian bedrooms, this is a great source:
When searching for the topic the most useful website I found was Pinterest. There are thousands of ideas you can find there for any topic. You can follow us on Pinterest at
Happy Decorating!
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