Fall Vibes: Guide to Fall Bedroom and Home Décor

It is that time of year when you wear a cozy sweater in the morning, and probably regret it in the afternoon. That can only mean one thing: Fall Is Here! If you haven’t already stocked up on some fall home décor, then you’ve come to the right place at the right time. Tache offers a wide variety of home décor essentials, for the bedroom, living room and dining room. This is just to show a few of our customer’s fall favorites all on one page, to save you time from browsing through the website, and give you some quick ideas.




If you live in a warmer climate a bedspread or quilt will be great. It’s very hard to narrow down our bedspreads, so I chose 3 that are very neutral, solid colors that go well with anything.

  Tache Cotton Solid Tuscany Sunrise 2-3 Piece Orange Floral Bedspread Set (JHW-595) - Tache Home Fashion Tache 5 Piece Soild Yellow Matelasse Buttercup Puffs Bedspread Set (YELLEMDES) - Tache Home Fashion


If you really need thickness and warmth we also have fall style comforters. Again, from many to choose from, I chose 3 very distinct designs, that I think everybody could fit at least one in their home.

  Tache 6 Piece Golden Caramel Latte Faux Satin Comforter Quilt Set (BM4578) - Tache Home Fashion



Living Room

Our first customer favorite is just a cute little round micro bead pumpkin pillow; it can go in any room. It’s great to have in the home with kids, since it’s a nice piece of décor that is soft and playful. This log pillow will also go nicely with the pumpkin if you'd like to have a nature theme.

Bed Sheet - Tache Squishy Midnight Till Pumpkin Microbead Cushion Pillow           Tache Brown Log Cylinder Microbead Pillow Cushion Throw, 15x7 (TTS8915B) - Tache Home Fashion


This next one can be for the living room or bedroom. I love it for the living room as a cozy and chic addition to your couch. Our plaid blankets come in 3 different designs (all made with super soft, fuzzy material) that are sure to go well in any home.

Tache Fall Farmhouse Super Soft Plaid Patchwork Throw Blanket (4021) - Tache Home Fashion  Blanket/ Throw - Tache Super Soft Winter Cabin Flannel Polyester Throw Blanket



Dining Room

With thanksgiving coming up, these table runners are great for entertaining guests. They also have matching place mats and cushion covers to complete your table set.

Tablerunners - Tache Warm Colorful Thanksgiving Leaves Fall Foliage Tapestry Table Runners (11516)



That's all folks! - If you found this blog helpful at all please leave a comment to let me know. Hope you guys have a great time shopping, and we really appreciate all of your support for our small company!





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