Fall Vibes: Tache’s Guide to Fall Bedroom and Home Décor

It is that time of year when you wear a cozy sweater in the morning, and probably regret it in the afternoon. That can only mean one thing: Fall Is Here! If you haven’t already stocked up on some fall home décor, then you’ve come to the right place at the right time. Tache offers a wide variety of home décor essentials, for the bedroom, living room and dining room. This is just to show a few of our customer’s fall favorites all on one page, to save you time from browsing through the website, and give you some quick ideas.




If you live in a warmer climate a bedspread or quilt will be great. It’s very hard to narrow down our bedspreads, so I chose 3 that are very neutral, solid colors that go well with anything.

  Tache Cotton Solid Tuscany Sunrise 2-3 Piece Orange Floral Bedspread Set (JHW-595) - Tache Home Fashion Tache 5 Piece Soild Yellow Matelasse Buttercup Puffs Bedspread Set (YELLEMDES) - Tache Home Fashion


If you really need thickness and warmth we also have fall style comforters. Again, from many to choose from, I chose 3 very distinct designs, that I think everybody could fit at least one in their home.

Tache 6 Piece Autumn Royal Bouquet Floral Patchwork Comforter Set (MZ1265) - Tache Home Fashion Tache 4-6 Piece Floral Autumn's Last Blossom Fancy Patchwork Comforter Set (ZC1021-K) - Tache Home Fashion Tache 6 Piece Golden Caramel Latte Faux Satin Comforter Quilt Set (BM4578) - Tache Home Fashion



Living Room:

Our first customer favorite is just a cute little round micro bead pumpkin pillow; it can go in any room. It’s great to have in the home with kids, since it’s a nice piece of décor that is soft and playful. This log pillow will also go nicely with the pumpkin if you'd like to have a nature theme.

Bed Sheet - Tache Squishy Midnight Till Pumpkin Microbead Cushion Pillow           Tache Brown Log Cylinder Microbead Pillow Cushion Throw, 15x7 (TTS8915B) - Tache Home Fashion


This next one can be for the living room or bedroom. I love it for the living room as a cozy and chic addition to your couch. Our plaid blankets come in 3 different designs (all made with super soft, fuzzy material) that are sure to go well in any home.

Tache Fall Farmhouse Super Soft Plaid Patchwork Throw Blanket (4021) - Tache Home Fashion Tache 50 x 60 Inch Super Soft Ritz Flannel Throw Blanket (SFTSR) - Tache Home Fashion Blanket/ Throw - Tache Super Soft Winter Cabin Flannel Polyester Throw Blanket



Dining Room:

With thanksgiving coming up, these table runners are great for entertaining guests. They also have matching place mats and cushion covers to complete your table set.

Tablerunners - Tache Warm Colorful Thanksgiving Leaves Fall Foliage Tapestry Table Runners (11516)



That's all folks! - If you found this blog helpful at all please leave a comment to let me know. Hope you guys have a great time shopping, and we really appreciate all of your support for our small company!


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