Ultrasonic reversible bedspread



The big difference between ultrasonic bedspreads and traditional bed spreads is that the pattern is now sown into the quilt but instead is steam pressed. This means that there are no more strings keeping the design together on this piece which makes it much more durable. 
This bedspread is much thinner than your normal bedspread(.4 cm/.15 in thick). It is also much lighter than all other bedspreads; it weighs a total of 6 pounds. This product has a maroon/burgundy color to it. The quilt feels very soft to the touch; the ends of the bedspread are also tapered and have a wavy pattern it is not straight edged like most bedspreads. There is a floral pattern that has been steam pressed into the bedspread to add some detail to the bedspread so it is not plain. They way this pattern is left in the bedspread is that there are two hot irons with the design template and are pressed together with the bedspread in the middle and it leaves the pattern etched into the bedspread. The two plates are made of iron and the plates themselves contain the pattern; the same plates cannot be used for a different design. These iron plates use extremely high temperatures to leave this design in the bedspread in order to make the design permanent, so it doesn't fade throughout all the wash cycles you put it through. 
Also here is a YouTube video of the ultrasonic process : 
If your interested in purchasing this product please click on this link : https://www.amazon.com/Tache-Burgundy-Marsala-Bedspread-King/dp/B0128SOHUA 

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