Tache Decorative Squishy Smiley Face Throw Pillow

mmm... If it is Birthday, or Graduation Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Daughter's Day, Son's Day, Family's Day, Sister's Day, Brother's Day, Kid's Day, Friendship's Day, Any's Day... sorry I meant to say "Any Day" , these soft SQUISHY CUDDLY pillows are a perfect gift. 

Tache Squishy Smiley Happy Emoji Crazy Face Micro Bead Pillows Gift Idea


You can express your feelings with "Tache Crazy Face pillows" and "Tache Smiley Face Pillows


They look stupidly fun. You can express yourself. You can say how much you love them, miss them or worry about them! No hate!! ALL LOVE!

You can express yourself and show happy you are with their new born or their marriage. You can express how much you missed them and you are hoping them to get well soon.

Tache Smiley Face Micro bead Plllows



Weather it is Valentine ’s Day and you want to surround yourself and your love one with flowers. Why not to choose all year round flowers?! They are soft, squishy and cuddly! Of course they are going to compete with you though! Watch out!!! ;)

Tache Micro bead Flower Pillows



Decorate your house with candles, Chocolates and "Tache Squishy Micro Bead Flower Pillows

Tache Micro Bead Red Flower Pillow



If you feel high! Of course HIGH in LOVE! Stupidly in love! If you feel loved! If you are Happy to be in Love! You are happy so see your love! You can's wait to have a touch of your love!  

Tache I'm Sick of Green Expressive Microbead Squishy Emoji Smiley Face Throw Lounge Pillow Cushion



Or if you feel so cool and not get trap in love!!



You can show how pleased you are! You can be pleased with your success or be pleased to have someone in your life!

Tache Squishy Oopsy Daisy Yellow Microbead Squishy Crazy Happy Smiley Emoji Face Throw Lounge Pillow Cushion



It is even fun to Decorate your home with Squishy Pillows, If you want to give it a Fall Touch and make it ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving  choose "Tache Squishy Micro Bead Pumpkin Pillow"

Tache Halloween Thanksgiving Fall Autumn Microbead Decorative Squishy Fruits Food Pumpkin Pillow


According to our customers:

  • these pillows are recommended as a present or a nice desk pillow to college students who have to avoid the temptations of a bed.
  • This is the cutest pillow! The color is golden and cheerful, and it is super comfy and appears well-made. Makes me smile every time I see it. :)
  • They were a gift. I use pillows of this type to support my arm and and shoulder following surgery for rotator cuff repair. They help hold the arm in a desirable angle while the arm is healing during sleep. Following surgery I still use one of the pillows to hold my arm up to take some pressure off the shoulder joint while I sleep.
  • my kids like microbead pillows so I got this for my 12 year old. He prefers a log-shaped one that he can hug while he sleeps, so now I've ordered him that instead. But I still see him holding this pillow and smooshing it around and playing around with it (and occasionally throwing it at his brother :) It's cute.
  • Took this pillow to hospital with me for abdominal surgery, worked great helped with pain with gently pressure when coughing and moving. highly recommend! Nurses and doctors loved the expression, about how I felt!
  • This is the cutest pillow ever!! I love, love, love, it!!! I like smiley faces and squishy pillows and was so happy to find the combination!
  • You should try these pillows if you ever get a chance! So soft, squishy and comfy. They also are good to use to prop up an iPad in your lap.
  • Very fat and round. Exactly what a couch pillow should be. Quality seems to be very nice as the seams are tight and hidden.
  • I loved it, then I was annoyed at it's size (wanted it to be smaller) and now I love it again. It seems very comfortable and portable pillow. I use it to take a nap at lunch at work and I sleep very well on it. Fabric doesn't get too hot.
  • Best Won Long Dong I've ever had!!
  • Bought it as a gift and they loved it. :)
  • These pillows look even better in person. They are going to be very cheerful for reading time in a classroom.
  • The pillow I ordered was very comfortable and I loved the orange color. I used it for traveling & it was very light weight & served the purpose of train travel & was great for extra pillow in hotels.
  • Very soft and cute pillow my 4 month old son loves it . That's he's nap time and drool pillow that's how comfortable it is .
  • Very cute pillow. My daughter loves using it when watching TV. The colors are very bright and lovely. Highly recommended.
  • Super cute pillow! My kids wont leave it alone though. So far it has held up to them squeezing it and throwing it around!!
  • Very well made and it completed my "it's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown," Halloween costume.
  • Great Halloween decoration. Adds color to the couch.
  • Lovely and just what I was looking for. Planning ahead for Halloween 2016!

These are just few of the nice Comments we have received from our LOVELY CUSTOMERS. Send us your comments and let us know how you feel by having these LOVELY PILLOWS.


It is always good to express your feeling and know that your friends and family are thinking about you and happy to have you! Send them a box of Tache flower's and express your feeling! Tell them how much you love them and you are happy to have them!



Don't forget to ask us to wrap it for you! We can also add a gift note for you! No extra charge! Just let us know what you want! and We try our best to make it happen for you! ;)

Tache Microbead Pillows



We want you to be...

Tache Squishy Smiley Happy Emoji So Happy Face Microbead Pillow Gift Idea

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