We at Tache Home Fashions are often asked many Questions...What is a duvet cover? is it better than a Comforter? What is the Difference Between a Sham and a pillowcases? Are there different Types of pillowcases? and Many more equally great questions. We have taken it upon ourselves to explain these and other bedding confusions!


On We Go....


Duvet Cover VS Duvet

A Duvet Cover - is Used to cover any Comforter or Duvet Set.

  • It is makes it easier to clean since the cover is removable and Lighter.  We recommend washing you duvet covers as often as you wash your Sheets and Pillowcases, Which should be about every other week to reduce the amount of dander,dust and dust mites that can accumulate with use.
  • The Inner comforter/Duvet can be changed to adapt to the weather-Thin comforter for Summer, thicker for Winter,
  • Easy coordination for Home Decoration.Duvet Cover come in a variety of Colors, patterns and Designs. Which Means your decorative possibilities are endless.
  • Duvet covers take up less space in your linen Closet since, they fold down to the same thickness as Sheets.

***While most Duvet Covers Come with a Button Closure Tache Home Fashion's Duvet covers Come with a zipper close, In addition to securing Ribbons to make sure your comforter does not shift.****


The Duvet - is traditionally a White Down Filled Quilt, They are not washed often since they employ a Duvet Cover to keep the Duvet Clean

  •  You only need one. As previously mentioned the duvet relies on the duvet to keep it clean
  • Duvets come in different thickness levels so you can adjust them to meet your sleeping temperature needs. For example, A thick duvet for Winter and a Thinner one for Summer
  • You don't have to wash them often!



A Comforter-  is used primarily in the winter due to it thick filling. Today some people treat the comforter as a duvet and change the Covers.

  • Thick and Plush Great For the Winter
  • Can Serve as a Duvet
  • Can be easily washed at in your washing Machine or Laundromat
  • Comes in Many Colors and Designs

Tache Home Fashion Solid Color  Comforters Are made from 100% cotton, While our Floral and Faux Satin Comforters are made with Polyester with a 100% Cotton Back. You can Use the Solid comforter as a Duvet Too!



Sheet Sets

Flat Sheet - The flat Sheet goes in between your comforter and fitted sheet, it is also known as a top sheet. This serves to keep your Comforter clean. In addition It is used as a Decorative tool to give the bed a layered look. Many Flat Sheets are embroidered at the Top to create a bordered look. 


Fitted Sheets- The Fitted Sheet is the sheet that goes on top of the mattress. Most Fitted sheets come with Elastic Edges to ensure they Grip the mattress. Tache Home Fashion's Bed Sheet set have a 14 in Deep pocket which makes it slightly bigger than other Sheet sets. This is to make sure the fitted sheet does not come off no matter how much you move when you sleep.


Our Bedsheets are incredibly Soft and Very durable. No matter how many times you wash it. It still retains it's bright vibrant colors and elasticity. And the color does not bleed. We recommend washing your sheets in Cold to Warm water every other week in order to eliminate any pet dander/Skin cells/ Dirt/ Stains/ Smells and dust that accumulates with use.


Coverlets,Bedspreads and Quilts... What's the Difference?


Coverlet - A coverlet is a lightweight, non-reversible bedspread that is usually either quilted or woven. Classically designed as a decorative layer to go over thicker bedspreads, coverlets often have a thin layer of batting, They can be used as a  bed covering, depending on the weight. They can also be used as throws on a bed or sofa. This is like our Chenille Bedspreads

Quilts-Traditionally composed of  woven cloth top,with patch work all stitched together in decorative patterns. Different from other forms of bed covers because they are generally pieced together with many pieces of cloth. These give your bedroom a very traditional and sentimental look. Comes in various designs and colors.




Wait There's More....!



Tache Home Fashions sells a few types of pillow covers

Bag Pillowcases-  All of Taches Solid Color Cotton Pillowcases are Bag pillowcases which are the basic model. It is simply a bag that you slip you pillows into. These are the most easiest pillowcases to use and very time efficient. These are great beginner pillowcases and an absolute must in your linen closet. Whether it is sending you kids to camp, Going on Vacation, Setting up a dorm Room or preparing for a guest, these versatile and easy to use pillowcases are fantastic to have around!


Housewife Pillowcases- Tache Home Fashion's Polyester Pillow Cases, and Quilted Pillow Cases are this design. these pillow cases cover the entire pillow and opens in the middle so that the pillow will not escape.Just as Versatile as The bag pillowcase.


Shams/Mock Oxford - The Pillow cases you get in our Faux Satin Comforter sets are shams/Mock Oxfords. They Come with an border surrounding the case to give it an extra accenting power. Tache Home fashion's Shams come with a zipper close.


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Irene Provencio

Irene Provencio

I am looking to purchase an off white duvet or white with an diamond pattern.
also a down comforter both in Queen size. the duvet has to have 2 identical pillow cases,
please help

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