Tache 2 PC Red Sunset Handwoven Persian Termeh Silk Art Accent Tablerunner/Placemat

by Tache Home Fashion
Still, hand-woven on a traditional loom, these Termeh or Persian Silk Art are works of masterpieces and are a great addition to the most exclusive decorators. Describing them is near impossible due to the excruciatingly intricate paisley, floral and geometric designs that cover the placemat. This accent placemat has red background , with large black outlined paisley designs with more intricate floral designs inside the paisley. Surrounded with a wavy fringe and silver thread interwoven to give it a bright shine, on the reverse side is a regal red backing. The fabric is stiff and weighty ensuring a beautiful drop on any table. Photos do not do it justice. All of the designs are unique and one of a kind due to handcrafting. No two item is exactly alike. At Tache Home Fashion we try to find the most authentic items, this means sending in buyers to different countries and finding the hidden treasures of the area. These Persian Hand Woven works of art are a prime example of this, still hand woven on a loom these items are crafted individually, and no two item, regardless of the similarity in patterns, are exactly alike.


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