Rewards Zone

Let me introduce you to a new program Tache Home Fashion wants to use with our customers. It's called the Reward Zone and all you would have to do is purchase a product that is listed under the "Rewards Zone" collection/tag and if you leave us a product review AND send us an image of your brand new bedding set, you will receive a $5 store gift card to our website. 
You will be able to use this gift card with future purchases only and will not be allowed to use on a previous purchase. 
You can leave a product review right on the item's listing or you can just e-mail an image of your bedding set you newly purchased from the Rewards Zone to our email at: 
You are also more than welcome to send us your bedding image to our Twitter @Tachehomefashion and use the hashtag #Tachehf
This promotion will only work if you purchase a product from the Rewards Zone category.
No other  category will work for this special promotion. 
* Rewards Zone began on April 12th, 2016 * Promotion deadline is undecided at the moment. 
Disclaimer; By sending us an image you are consenting for us to possibly use said image on our website. If you do not agree to these terms, please let us know in the email.