Tache 2 Piece Solid Yellow Quilted Buttercup Puffs Cushion Throw Pillow Cover Set (YELLEMDES-CC)

by Tache Home Fashion
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Soft Solid light Yellow box stitched designs give these cushion covers a whimsical feel of summer and the warmth of the summer sun.

These cushion covers are made to match the Buttercup Puffs Quilt 



  • 2 Cushion Covers

Dimensions (Inches)

  • Cushion Covers: 18 x 18


  • Made with 100% Cotton
  • Front side features diamond and floral embroidered designs
  • Reverse side is a solid yellow
  • Scalloped edges, zipper opening
  • Color: Butter Yellow

Care Instructions

  • Dry Clean or Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Gentle/Low or Dip Dry, Use Mild Detergent, No Bleach



Brand: Tache Home Fashion



Sold Out