Handwoven Termeh/ Persian Art-Masterpiece Table Linens!

Looking For Something Unique and exotic? Need to add that extra something to your Home Decor for that next gathering?


Look No Further Introducing Tache Handwoven Termeh/ Persian Art. Only Available on Amazon and EBay. These Tablecloth, Table Runners and Placemats should be considered works of art instead of table linens. 


At Tache Home Fashion We Try to find the most authentic items, That stand out in today's mass produced, machine made, cookie cutter world.


This is accomplished by sending in buyers to different countries and finding the hidden treasures of the area. These Persian Hand Woven Works of art are a prime example of this.


Still Hand Woven By the traditional Looms these items are made individually to specific measurements. Traditionally made with Wool and silk, our Handwoven Termeh are made with Viscose which makes them resistant to elements that erode at Wool and Silk such as Moths and fiber erosion. 


Describing them is near impossible due to the excruciatingly intricate Paisley, Floral and Geometric designs that cover the items. Not one area is left untouched. These are further woven with Regal Red, Vibrant Greens, Clear Ocean Blue, and Rich shades of Orange and Brown Threads,interwoven with Silver and Gold Threading for a Brilliant sheen.The Fabric is stiff and weighty ensuring a beautiful drop on any table.


We have only 1 of each design. Take a peek  





 View More on Facebook and the entire collection on EBay and Amazon...Buy Them Before they're gone for Good

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